⚠ Vaccination Info ⚠

Hi Everyone, 

When traveling to Bali, Indonesia the CDC recommends all travelers have the following vaccines. Luckily these are common for Americans and you likely have some or all of them. If it's been a while for tetanus, you may want to consider getting this shot:
measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccinediphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine varicella (chickenpox) vaccinepolio vaccine (if staying more than 4 weeks, you may need proof of this vaccine to exit the country - get an International Certificate of Vaccination from your doctor)flu shot
Most travelers going to Bali get vaccinated against:

Hepatitis A Typhoid vaccine. Jessie and I spoke to friends in Bali and do recommend getting these vaccines. If you're planning to eat street food or travel in rural areas, these are highly recommended. The fastest & easiest way to get these vaccines is to call the International Travel Immunization Health Clinic at UVM where you can receive both at one time - the appointment will take 45-60…

πŸ’ΈHow much money should I bring?

There are many excursion options as well as on-site experiences with Balinese culture at Nirarta. There are options that are not listed like Balinese dancers coming to Nirarta to perform as well as traditional Balinese dance lessons or Gamelan lessons (gong orchestra!!!). Everything is very affordable once in Bali, including lodging though you will find some lodging equivalent to western pricing.

Here's an idea of what experiences through the retreat center may cost: 

RupiahUSD1. Water Blessing ceremony with high priestess (duration 2-3 hours Program)The charge : Rp. 250,000/person$250,000$18Including: Transportation, offerings and donation to the High Priest2. Purification to the Sacred Water Temple (duration 1/2 days program)$400,000$28The charge : Rp. 400,000/personIncluding Transportation, offering, donation and sarung3. Guided Valley Walks and Rice paddy, visit villages (duration 2-3 hours program)

🌊 Guest Questions Answered - Live and regularly updated

What activities are available at the retreat center? Massage/healing bodywork, yoga, meditation, and movement sessions, walks, hiking, swimming in the river, gardens, terraced farmland, the verandas in your room or huts throughout the land. 

Where can I swim and how far is the beach? River bathing and meditation are popular at Nirarta. Swimming is available in quiet pools nearby, and in the sea, about 30-40 minutes from Sidemen. It's possible to share a taxi and take a day trip to the coast individually or with group participants.

Are there motorcycle rentals? Yes, Nirarta suggests a local shop called Mantra Transport

Cell phones & service:
Calls can be made using your personal telephone or a telephone charge card with an international cell phone plan. Check your with your cell provider about an international plan. If you get an international plan, let us know. There is a telephone in the village center which is a 10-minute cab ride. Make sure your cell battery holds a good charg…

πŸŒ‹ Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance isn't required to come on a retreat with us though we do encourage you to check it out. Purchase insurance if you have concern about trip cancellations, weather delays, natural disasters, personal health, or the health of family members. Travel insurance can protect a portion of your trip investment in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

If you have medical issues that could stop you from traveling safely with us, travel insurance is encouraged. You also need to consult with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to travel and please inform us of any medical issues prior to travel. 

Here are options that guests have used in the past: - Includes a "cancel for any reason" policy up to 48hrs before the trip. Purchase within 15 days of flight purchase. - Can be purchased before or during travel. Ranges from $70-$100+

Do you have travel insurance you'd like to r…

🍏 Staying Healthy

πŸ’¦Water is Life - Begin Hydrating Now
Carry a water bottle with you everywhere. Begin each day with water before tea, coffee, or ingesting anything.Drink water with electrolytes at the airport. Flying dehydrates and fatigues the body due to air pressure changes and less movement. Starting your flight with electrolyte water will enhance how your body and mind feel. Avoid electrolyte beverages like gatorade and vitamin water anything with high sugar content. These cause sugar spikes, in turn causing bloating & lethargy. Airport water is highly chlorinated. If drinking from a water fountain, bring electrolyte packets or emergen-c to boost minerals and vitamin c while masking the taste of chlorine. You can bring lemon slices for the first leg of your journey. All produce must be thrown away by the time you cross customs and into a new country.
πŸŒ‹Make Movement a Priority - Winter slows us down - breath & move daily and break a sweat even if it's light.
Practice in an online yoga c…

πŸ’¦ Packing List, Location Logistics, Intention

🌺Welcome to the Bali Yoga & Embodiment Retreat

Below you will find information about the location, packing list, food, weather, insects, walking & walking shoes, shopping, money/currency, and communication home. Jessie and I recommend these specifics to keep you healthy, safe, & centered:

-Personal First Aid Kit: We advise traveling with a small first aid kit that includes Tylenol, anti-diarrhea meds, Benadryl, earplugs, bandaid, etc). Travel size packaging takes up less room. Store items in a small ziplock or pouch to help travel light. Label items. Do NOT travel with hemp or cannabis products. Indonesia has extremely strict drug regulations!

-Yoga mats are provided at the center along with props, cushions, & chairs.

-Bring a journal & begin now: Bali is a place of transformation, purification, and elevates one's frequency making it a powerful place to heal, change, and envision your future. Begin contemplating your trip intentions & record them:

🌺Are yo…

πŸ›« Flights, Dates/Times, Passport, Visas

When searching for flights to Bali, Indonesia follow these guidelines:

Bali Yoga & Embodiment retreat officially begins Saturday, March 7 at 4:00 pm. The retreat ends after breakfast on Saturday, March 14. (Time tbd)

Reserve your travel to Bali well-ahead, as flights are often booked up long in advance and hard to get at the last minute, particularly during holiday periods. Please make sure your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, or you will be refused entry.

Airport: Fly into Denpasar Airport. Nirartra Retreat center is 90 minutes from Denpasar. Airport transfer to and from the retreat center is covered by your retreat fee.

Arrival & Departure: Arrive at Nirartra Retreat center Saturday 3/7 between 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Depart Nirartra Retreat center on 3/14 between 12:00 - 1:00 pm.

Travel Dates: Guests are welcome to book additional nights at Nirartra to bookend the retreat - there are plenty of inexpensive comfortable places to stay near the airpo…